May 16, 2004


Sometimes I feel this great reluctance to get up and do anything. I'm so comfortable where I am that actually starting to do something, and changing the state I'm in now, seems, well, impossible. I've read in Bruce Eckel's blog that if we insist on making a big change to our situation, our minds revolt subconsciously and prevent us from effecting the change. But if we try to do something one small step at a time, we have a much easier time of handling it.

It's hard to go to university one small step at a time.

Typically I go to sleep around 23:30--00:00, and get up around 08:00. That's about eight hours of sleep, which is all I need. Of course, sometimes I get more and sometimes (rarely) less. Back in 2002, I had these bad nights where I couldn't close my eyes because it felt so uncomfortable, and spent half the night fighting to keep them closed. Then there were the nights I'd jerk back awake if I managed to drift off to sleep -- every damned time -- thus effectively getting no sleep for two-thirds of the night. Then, of course, there were the total brain breakdowns, where I felt like my concentration was getting continually shorted out by fuzzy random static. Not a good feeling, boys and girls. Thankfully, it's very rare.

Something interesting: all mammals dream, and no one knows why. Wonder what cats and dogs and the like dream about? I suspect it wouldn't make much sense to us. But it would be cool to `see' it (if that is even possible).

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