Jul 14, 2005

Holidays end

I go back to Malaysia on the 17th, after a nice and relaxing vacation in which I've done everything the way I wanted to, but haven't done everything I've wanted to. Oh well, maybe next time.

But now, it's almost over, and that sucks. I've been watching movies, reading comics, downloading music and videos, and everything else without any regard to the time or how much sleep I get in the day. The only thing that I've seemed to lack is time -- it just flew by. I've stayed awake for 24 hours straight or more trying to do everything I wanted to do and still I was forced to go to bed, unsatisfied, at dawn. Only to wake up in the afternoon tired and bleary-eyed.

I have made sacrifices, e.g. my eyes. They're teary and bleary and a little bit red all the time, and oh so itchy. So itchy that I can get an almost orgasmic satisfaction by just rubbing them with the backs of my hands. Instead I force myself to pull at the skin around them a bit to satisfy the itch -- for a little while. If I rub my eyes my hands come away wet with a foul-smelling fluid that presumably comes from the backs of my eyeballs.

Today my semester results came out and I've done tolerably in all four of my core units -- haven't failed anything like I feared at times. Was a little surprised to see that I did best in the management unit -- a Distinction -- but then I guess it must be because of the second assignment; I worked hard on that one. The worst grade, a Pass, was in microeconomics. Guess I shouldn't be surprised, because no matter how much I like economics, I've always sucked at it.

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