Sep 8, 2007

Some interesting articles about child abuse

These articles raise some interesting questions about society's tendency to see all men as potential child molesters:

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Be Fearful of Men? (
Managing the Risk of Child Sex Abuse (
We Predators (
Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators (

The last article is especially interesting to me as an adult male -- for obvious reasons. Should I assume that because I am an adult male, society will automatically profile me as dangerous and threatening to children? And will children behave towards me as if I'm a potential criminal? It's a strange world we live in.

On another note, Mark Bennett, the attorney who authors the blog `Defending People: The Art and Science of Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering' ( seems to be a very good writer. Will be adding him to my blog feeds.

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