Jul 10, 2008

Nine to Five

FINALLY got an honest-to-goodness 40-hour-a-week job. I must be seriously out of shape, because it takes a lot out of me. Still getting used to waking up at 6 am every day for five days in a row, getting home at 6 pm totally exhausted, vegetating till dinnertime, then going to sleep. Planning to join a gym soon, though, so that might get me out of the house and back in shape.

Before starting work, I'd been keeping really wild hours, going to sleep at 5 am and waking up in the afternoon/evening. Still doing that on weekends in fact, so far. But on weekdays I'm forcing myself to sleep by 11 pm and wake up early. It's nice to know I can get up early, have a good sleep rhythm and get enough sleep during the night. Feels like my body's clock is getting tuned. Slowly.

Still need a lot of coffee relative to, say, 5 years ago though, to get through the day. Not sure how much of this is because I'm doing more work than I was five years ago. Trying to have a big breakfast and a coffee in the morning, but at work, by 11 to 12-ish I can almost literally feel my sugar and caffeine high wear off, and drowsiness starts creeping in. Have snacks and lunch by 2--2:30 pm, and a coffee to jump-start the sluggish body again. The coffee at work is really good, by the way. They have a premium brand which smells pretty expensive, a full-fledged coffee maker with the works. It takes a hell of a long time but the coffee is great.

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