Dec 8, 2012

Tweet from the Browser Address Bar

This will work on Firefox and should also work on Chrome with a little adjustment. You can start posting a tweet straight from the browser address bar instead of having to navigate to the Twitter website and click on the new tweet button.

In Firefox, create a new bookmark with the following properties:

Name: Tweet (or similar)


Keyword: tw (or whatever you like)

Description: Tweet something

Now, with this bookmark saved, go to the address bar and type: tw Just testing. Then press Enter. A new tweet composition page should show up with the words Just testing. Finish off the tweet as wanted and click Tweet.

Is the tweet composition page unavoidable? Maybe not, but I don’t see an easy way to tweet directly from the address bar. And maybe that’s for the best–giving you a chance to finalise things before you publish for the world to see.

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