Oct 25, 2006

Firefox 2 & Internet Explorer 7

Firefox 2 is coming out in a few hours, but I'm really very satisfied with 1.5. I read though that 1.5 will soon have a minor update that paves the way for an automatic update to version 2, in a couple of weeks. I'm taking that upgrade strategy, because I'm a little worried that my current extensions, especially the very useful SessionSaver extension, will need some time to adapt properly to FF2. So hopefully in a couple of weeks that will be the case. But I'll probably wait a wee bit more even then while checking up on their status, i.e. what people have to say about them.

Not to sound nostalgic, but it seems like just yesterday that I downloaded the all-new Internet Explorer 5 over my slow dial-up line in Sharjah and tried it out, after reading a glowing review full of lavish screenshots in the Emirates' Windows User Magazine. And it was an awesome browser, the best of the best after using Netscape's weird-looking offering. But yeah, anyway ... IE7 is out now, and I know I'm going to upgrade. But similarly to Firefox, I'll wait till Microsoft pushes IE7 out to us through its Windows Update facility -- it gives everyone some breathing room and just feels right.

I won't really be using IE7 -- not with FF2 probably installed by then -- but obviously, it will be necessary to have it because of the bugfixes and interesting new features to try out.

It strikes me now that in about a couple of weeks, I'll be flying back to Dhaka, where my laptop will be totally cut off from internet access -- our desktop PC in Dhaka is the only machine which will be connected (hopefully, anyway). So it might be more than a month before any software gets upated on the laptop. That's fine by me, I guess. I'll still be able to try out FF2 on the home desktop. Hm, might download it now and take it to Dhaka to install, to save the download hassle when I get there.

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