Oct 29, 2006

Some interesting tweaks for Firefox

For when I get around to installing it:

(This is from the Slashdot article Firefox 2 Downloads Top 2 million in 24 hours.)


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by teslatug (543527) on Saturday October 28, @10:57AM (#16622640)
Here are some of the settings that I've gathered so far to get Firefox 2.0 to my liking:

In about:config
* browser.tabs.closeButtons to 3 for one close tab button
* browser.tabs.selectOwnerOnClose to false for successive reading and closing
* browser.tabs.tabminwidth to 20 for displaying tab scrolling in extreme cases only
* browser.urlbar.hideGoButton no use for the Go button
* dom.disable_window to true, fix various window annoyances
* network.prefetch-next to false for not wasting my bandwidth

In userChrome.css for disabling the List all tabs which annoys me when using the close button:
/* Disable Container box for "List all Tabs" Button */
.tabs-alltabs-stack {
display: none !important;

Feel free to add your own to the thread.

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