Nov 18, 2004

I love new software

I don't know about you but, I'm a sucker for new (and improved) programs on my computer. This is what keeps me downloading and trying out most anything I can lay my hands on, from alternative office suites to mail servers.

Lately on Linux, I've been trying out the Xfce desktop environment, and I have to say, on my RAM-deprived PC (128 MB), it totally kicks ass. It's fast, clean, minimal, but it looks incredible, especially with the GTK+ Smokey-Blue theme.

I've also been setting up a mail system in Linux that uses MrPostman to download all my Hotmail messages from the Hotmail site, classify it into different categories using POPFile, and deliver it to my electronic mailbox. It's working pretty well so far, and POPFile is getting more and more accurate in its classification. My only problem is the lack of mail to download and test the setup! But what the heck.

Finally I've got a mail system that comes about as close as I've ever gotten to my own POP account with an ISP.

Nov 3, 2004

(Bangalis) debating the election

This might be one of the more exciting events of modern times. The American people choose a new president and the rest of the world is riveted. Everyone I know has an opinion and wants to debate. Everyone here is rooting for Kerry, but the funny thing is people supporting the same guy find a way to debate with each other.

What I mean is, people start talking about Bush and Saddam and Osama and Iraq. The old story. Then someone goes, `Oh, I'm behind Kerry 100%.' And the other guy is `Absolutely, me too.' And they're both (moderately) happy. But then guy no. 1 says something like, `And you know, Bush did such-and-such and you could obviously see that it was wrong.'

Now this is a very innocuous statement because these guys are definitely on the same side, right? Wrong! Guy no. 2 gets all riled up at this point: `It's ridiculous! Can't you see that such-and-such! And this-and-that!!! And on top of everything else, ...'

Then guy no. 1 gets worked up as well: `But that was absolutely wrong! Bush should've gone to the United Nations and blah-blah-blah!'

Guy no. 2: `But don't you see, he says he did go! And that they gave him permission to blah-blah-blah!'

Guy no. 1: `What the hell are you talking about! Are you a Bush supporter!'

Guy no. 2: `I thought you said you supported Bush! Otherwise why were you arguing about him!!!'