Sep 8, 2007

Some interesting articles about child abuse

These articles raise some interesting questions about society's tendency to see all men as potential child molesters:

Are We Teaching Our Kids to Be Fearful of Men? (
Managing the Risk of Child Sex Abuse (
We Predators (
Avoiding Kids: How Men Cope With Being Cast as Predators (

The last article is especially interesting to me as an adult male -- for obvious reasons. Should I assume that because I am an adult male, society will automatically profile me as dangerous and threatening to children? And will children behave towards me as if I'm a potential criminal? It's a strange world we live in.

On another note, Mark Bennett, the attorney who authors the blog `Defending People: The Art and Science of Criminal Defense Trial Lawyering' ( seems to be a very good writer. Will be adding him to my blog feeds.

Sep 3, 2007

Some cool Firefox themes

Aside from the default Firefox theme, there aren't any really cool themes that I've found -- but I do like a couple of themes which give Firefox the look of MS Office 2003. Here are the links:

Outlook 2003 Blue (
Outlook 2003 Green (
Outlook 2003 Silver (

An ideal theme for me would be a really minimalist theme which uses very dark colours, but doesn't overdo it. Yup, it's a high hurdle.

Update: Just found the perfect theme: Miint ( Mmm, tasty.