May 2, 2006

Live word count script for

UPDATE 9 Sep 2010: Did something I've been meaning to do for a while and wrote up an awesome wiki intro for the Live Word Count script in its new BitBucket home: As a consequence, I'm removing all the duplicate installation and usage instructions from this page. Please check out the BitBucket wiki--that's where all the action is!

UPDATE 17 Mar 2010: Moved script to new home at BitBucket, in case I need to make any further changes/improvements. Small fix to make sure script works both when started from the Macro Selector dialog box and from a toolbar button. Oh yeah, to add a toolbar button to start the macro, see instructions below.

UPDATE 13 Mar 2010: Slight change to wordCount macro to handle being started from a toolbar button.

UPDATE 2 Dec 2009: Confirmed that the script works with 3.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard). As usual, see below for where to put the script in a Mac.

Also, I didn't realise this until now, but I've been cited in Linux Pro Magazine! Yay! :-)

UPDATE 30 May 2009: Just tried the script out again with 3.1.0 on Windows Vista; works fine. Please see the paragraph after next for the right place to put this script in Windows.

HERE'S something I worked on a long time ago but am finding very useful, a script or macro which displays a dialog box with a continuously-updating document (or selection) word count.