Oct 6, 2005

Cleaned my room

I cleaned my room tonight. And I mean really cleaned, with mop and cleaning liquid. This is the first time I've ever done that, I kid you not. Room looks and feels cleaner than ever, but I know it won't last :-(

I'm managing to post now, after all this time, because only now have I gotten some time (well, stolen some time) to do it. It's been amazingly hectic for the last few weeks. The assignments have come and gone one after the other, and the way I am -- very bad at managing my time -- they pile up till the weekend before they're due, and then I start; of course by then it's guaranteed that I'll be brain-fried in a couple of days. But just enough, and just in time, to hand the damn thing in, then sink into lethargy.

Well, not actually lethargy. I've been snatching time to read Azarello's 100 Bullets whenever I can. I have upto issue 52, and it's amazing. For me it started off with a whimper, but it's gotten stronger and stronger. The big deal is that they keep the story intelligent, with plot surprises for me. And the characters just suck you in. I hate that. But I like and appreciate it very much. Plus Risso's art is a treat. I would be very surprised if he hasn't already drawn one of the Batman books.

Speaking of which, did I mention how much I love Lucifer? Mike Carey's Lucifer, I mean. It's so easy for me to identify with him. Damn. I have a problem with authority but will make my own rules as I go along. And yes, I hate hypocrisy ... but there's a line between playing by your own rules and being a hypocrite. Even if it's not there all the time. But that's what makes life so fun ... the back and forth between the law and lawlessness.

Anyway, back to the story. How did I end up cleaning my room? I have a reputation (at least among ... myself) for avoiding that kind of drudgery. Although I do like to think of myself as a glutton for punishment. Anyway. I was supposed to go watch a movie at 9 (pm), but my ISN meeting ... spilled over ... into that time, so I decided to skip it. Was hungry and didn't want to dine on popcorn watching the movie anyway. So. I came back home after dinner at Pink, the restaurant right outside the campus, and just decided to get it over with. The cleaning, I mean. I figured I wouldn't get the chance again soon.

Anyway, gotta go now. I should probably take my bath. At 1:30 in the morning, that makes me a very odd person. But then I've always been a night owl. Aren't all university students?