May 12, 2005


The Darth Side

Ever wonder what thoughts swirled around in the evil Darth Vader’s head during the events of Star Wars 4–6? Well, here’s your chance to find out – this blog is the personal narrative of the Dark Lord himself! ‘The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster’, The classic post to read: ‘Does It Hurt When I Go Like This?’

Bruce Schneier

Check out ‘Schneier on Security’, He writes about an always-interesting topic, security, which inevitably leads to many diverse and interesting discussions with his readers on his blog – nowadays probably more about politics than about anything else. But it’s always an interesting take on the topic.

Internet Explorer on Linux

It’s ironic that I, a Firefox freak, am searching for a download of Internet Explorer 5. But it’s true. I am trying to install IE5, as insane as that sounds. And what’s more, I’m not trying to do it on my Windows machine, because I have none. I’m trying to do it on my Linux box, to get MSN Messenger to work on Linux.

For those of you not familiar with Linux, this is quite a trick, because it requires a lot of special tinkering before you can run common Windows programs like Internet Explorer and MSN Messenger. Things are going at snail’s pace now because I can’t find a download of IE5 anywhere on the ’net. Guess I’ll just have to keep searching.


University life never lets up. First there was the Monash Cultural Night, and that was so hectic it made us, the organisers, not so eager to see each other again for a while. Ironic.

Then there are all these damned assignments that have you on a choke-hold. They keep coming, one after the other. You keep putting them off, claiming to do ‘research’ and ‘I’ll start them real soon.’ But then a couple of days before the due date, you start doing the research and writing, and voila! Instant assignment. Meanwhile your brain and eyes are stir-fried.

On the up side, though, the assignments’ marks make up the total marks for each unit, so all the pressure is not put on the exam results.

Star Wars
Movie and ...

I am so looking forward to the 19th. Episode 3 comes out, and all assignments for the semester are finally done and over with. Ah, the closure. Of course, that just means the exams are coming up in an all-too-few number of days, but that also means so is my summer vac. Ah, the mixed emotions.

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